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We are active at two locations, in Hamburg and Witten. At each of the two offices, a team of patent attorneys has formed in long-lasting co-operation, so that persons skilled in a broad scope of technical fields, ranging from classical mechanical engineering via chemistry to sophisticated electronics may be contacted in both Hamburg and Witten. We also advise on trademark matters and design protection to account for all aspects of product support and development.

The core of our clientele is formed by small and medium-sized businesses, predominantly German but also foreign ones. We also work for universities, research institutes, craftspeople, freelancers, and for large businesses as well. Many of our clients and their products are leaders in small, medium or large markets. We attend to these mandates with the entire range of services offered by patent attorneys, in particular by prosecuting applications to patents, trademark and design registrations, and by assisting our clients in licence negotiations or in disputes with third parties.

Wherever our clients intend to have their products protected we will be able to act on their behalf. We directly act before a number of offices in charge of European and international intellectual property rights. Moreover, and assisted by a network of highly qualified foreign associates, with whom in most cases we have enjoyed long-standing cooperation, we are able to help e.g. obtain a patent in Paraguay, a trademark in Mexico and a design registration in Macao or wherever else our clients require protection in intellectual property matters. In return, our foreign colleagues entrust us with the representation of their clients in Germany and Europe. In such circumstances, we also obtain intellectual property rights, assist in licence negotiations or represent and advise our foreign clients in cases of conflict.

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